• Market Representation


Market Representation

It can be difficult to take time from your business to promote your product through the trade channels. Instead, Directional Tourism can take your business to the inbound operators, wholesalers and agents for you and manage that relationship so you can focus on the important things like delivering superior service to your clients.


Our two main primary markets that we focus on are New Zealand and Australia with a database extending itself in to UK, Europe and USA. We perform front line training, educating those that speak to clients directly or travel agents about your products. As well as presenting your business to product managers to be included in their portfolio of New Zealand product.


Our Market Representation packages are a faction of the cost of employee a sales person and as a result you gain a team supporting you.

Market Representation

Getting your brand distributed through trade to help increase your reach has to be a good thing right? Although there is a little more to it to make sure your business is position correctly when we present it to market.

  • Developed trade ready ratesheets
  • Distribute your business to channels that will value your product and service
  • Manage the enquires regarding products, marketing enquiries and complaints